Ministry Goals

Reconcile the City Ministry Goals

Curt and Lanaea Snead

As a believer in the Gospel of Christ and with a commitment to fulfill the Great Commission with my life and ministry, I am seeking to use my life experience, my experiences as a police officer, and my ministry and seminary training, to bring the Gospel to bear into the culture of police work and the lives of police officers by pursuing the following objectives:

[Key Passages – 2 Corinthians 5:18, Isaiah 58:10-12, Jeremiah 29:7]

  • Develop a peer-chaplaincy/peer-support program where Christian police officers are recruited and trained to be counselor, friend, shepherd, and advocate to cops right where they are, right when they need it. This is the primary focus for this ministry.

  • Be a Christian friend to police officers, whoever they are, whatever religion they follow or lifestyle they lead. Every cop can benefit from the principles of the Gospel.

  • Build relationships with police department command staff to encourage a culture within the department that grows in Gospel principles to foster better working environments for police officers.

  • Seek to bridge the divide between police departments and minority communities. The Gospel of Christ is uniquely able to bring reconciliation to all kinds of divisiveness.

  • Create opportunities for the church to serve police officers in their own communities, that the love of Christ might be shown to these hurting men and women.

  • My wife, Lanaea, will build relationships with wives of police officers. These women are often over-looked, and are also in need of help and care through service and discipleship. Lanaea is uniquely qualified in this, having been a police officer’s wife for many years.

It is my view that there is a great need for the Gospel of Christ and His teachings to be brought into the culture of police work and into the whole lives of police officers. The church certainly could capitalize on this area of our culture as a great harvest with great needs, that only the Gospel can impact. I pray that God will use me in these areas to bring the light of the Gospel of Jesus into the darkness of our world through this ministry. The harvest is certainly plentiful here.

May God raise up the people and resources to go out into the harvest. (Luke 10:2-3)